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We at Fully Booked are always looking for hardworking, bright and enthusiastic individuals who share our passion for books.

If you think you're up to the challenge, email us your comprehensive resume at with the subject heading, "Job Application". Include a list of your five favorite books and authors. You may also call our Human Resources Department at 858-7029.

Here are some specific jobs that we're looking for today:


Job Purpose: Meeting customer requirements within the store premises and providing accurate and up-to-date information on the organization’s products and services; Ensuring that all books and merchandise in the respective sections are arranged and displayed in order to facilitate customer selection.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Attends to customer needs such as book inquiries, title location, and book content, and recommends the appropriate books and merchandise.
  • Arranges and displays books and merchandise in the respective sections.
  • Recommends new titles and re-orders of existing ones based on inventory, sales movement, and customer needs, interests and requests.
  • Participates in shipment-receiving procedures by checking the accuracy of shipment contents, placing the proper price tags, and by performing other related tasks.
  • Acts as a reliever for counter duties (i.e. baggage, customer service) and assists in the implementation of marketing activities within store premises.

Skills/Qualifications: Book savvy | Merchandise display | Organizational knowledge |Inventory procedures






Primary Responsibilities

  • Overall management of the Accounting and Financial requirements of all the companies
    • General Accounting
    • Sales/Payables
    • Trade/Non Trade
    • 3rd Party Compliance
    • Financial Statement Preparation
    • BIR Remittances
  • Ensures timely reporting and implementation
  • Ensures alignment of all actions to agreed policies and procedures

Skills/Qualifications: Attention to details | Collaboration | Drive for results | Planning and Organizing/Time Management | Initiative



Position: CASHIER


Principal Responsibilities

· Handles all transactions with cash register

· Receives payments in the form of cash, check or credit card for all merchandise purchased

· Assists customer with various inquiries related to payment, account balance, discounts or items purchased

· Balances cash drawer

· Generates daily sales report

Skills/Qualifications: Experience in POS transactions | Attention to Detail | Honesty and integrity | Initiative | Customer Service 


Primary Role: Provides overall support to the accounting function focusing on Accounts Payable, report encoding and generation, file keeping and data analysis

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in the monthly and year-end accounting closes
  • Prepare monthly account reconciliations
  • Maintain internal financial records (i.e. general ledgers, journal vouchers, etc.)
  • Participate in the annual external audit
  • Handle special projects as assigned 

Skills/Qualifications: Attention to details | Collaboration | Drive for results | Planning and Organizing/Time Management | Initiative



Principal Responsibilities


  • Updates the Fully Booked website everyday
  • updates each section of the website with new artwork
  • ensures the front ticker is updated with the four "hottest" titles, events or promos
  • creates artworks for online display based on book covers, events and promotions
  • Troubleshoots minor website errors aka when the website is down
  • Creates promotional artwork for the events and marketing promotions in Fully Booked - from low-res online updates for social media, to hi-res window stickers on the facade of the building
  • Creates posters and artwork for the respective events and makes sure customers are well informed of the goings-on in a Fully Booked event
  • Prepares creative presentations and proposals (sponsorship proposals to other companies, presentations for authors, etc.)








  • Knowledgeable and experienced in graphic design
  • Knowledgeable in HTML and website layout
  • Creative and can think of different ways to sell a product - both art and copy
  • Can acknowledge and follow creative direction from different members of the team
  • Can work well under time pressure
  • Team player
  • Priority to be given to graduates of any Fine Arts course
  • Experience in digital advertising agencies or any advertising/design agency a plus
  • Intimate knowledge of web a plus
  • Video production and editing skills a plus 



Primary responsibilities

  • Works on daily features for the company’s social media channels and responds to customer inquiries for each comment thread created
  • Researches/observes current company market and the market of competitors in order to assist the Social Media Manager in implementing new strategies to develop brand awareness and encourage company following
  • Provides nationwide  front-liner customer service via Twitter and Facebook for people with product inquiries, reservations, and pre-orders as well as second-tier customer complaints

Skills/Qualifications: Produc t knowledge | Internet savvy | Strong verbal and written communication skills | Passion to serve |Idea generation | Creativity |Innovation




Primary Responsibilities

  • Contributes ideas/inputs to the VP-General Loss Prevention for the development of the short-term and long-term programs to continually achieve maximum effectiveness in controlling inventory shortage and protection of company assets.
  • Develops, maintains and defines strategies, policies, procedures, programs and standards to ensure that the following are controlled/eliminated:

                a) Employee Theft

                b) Shoplifting

                c) Administrative error

                d) Vendor Fraud

                e) And others


  • Manages and evaluates periodically the number of security personnel (outright and agency) of the stores assigned.
  •  Ensures that loss prevention policies, procedures, programs, and standards are properly communicated, implemented, and enforced in every store.
  • Handles criminal complaints against theft suspects and other related offenses escalated to him/her. Attends court hearings if necessary/required.
  • Provides regular feedback to immediate superior (written/verbal) for updates.
  • Demonstrate continues effort to improves operations, decrease turnaround times, and streamline work processes.
  • Performs other task as maybe assigned from time to time by immediate superior.

Skills/Qualifications:  At least 5 years work experience in the related field | At least 5’8 in height | Attentiveness | Sense of urgency | Vigilance